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Jack Frost IronWorks, Inc.

From the beginning, Jack Frost Ironworks has been a family owned business. Knowledge and experience were passed down from generation to generation starting with Jack’s grandfather, Karl Frost who arrived from Hamburg Germany in 1910 at the age of 23. Karl became an ornamental ironworker and passed down his skills to his twin sons Carl and Bill. The Frost family worked for Ralph H. Simpson for years. The sons of Carl and Bill kept these skills in the family and started their careers there also. Jack brought his knowledge and experience in this field to northern Illinois and started his own business from scratch with the help of his wife Dee. In 1975 Marriott Great America, now known as Six Flags, hired JFI for their miscellaneous metal fabrication. At that time the company grew with the hiring of its first two employees. 

The name Jack Frost Ironworks was spread by word of mouth and business began to flourish. In 1977 after joining the Lake County Contractors, JFI became a well-known fabrication business in northern Illinois. Jack’s two daughters and son-in-law continue to make this small family business a success today. The key to our success is teamwork and communication with our valuable employees. We fabricate in house and subcontract installation with union ironworkers. Here at Jack Frost Ironworks, Inc. we take pride in our craftsmanship and we stand behind our work.  

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